Saturday, November 3, 2012

Together We Rise

Friday, November 2, 2012

From the Desert to Wembley Arena

Henrik Larsson, Writing Contest Winner
Activist Post                                                                          {....} About a month later I am soaring above the same sepia-toned landscape. I’m flying across a continent and an ocean for an 11-hour lecture about what in the world is really going on. Who in their right mind wouldn’t do that if the opportunity presented itself? Truth is an adventure. I didn’t expect to be making this journey. That is, not until my friend Carissa, the healer and medium, told me during a channeling session that I would be going to London. That was actually also the very first time we met. The next day, I was informed that I had won tickets to go see David Icke speak at Wembley Arena—a man who one day, whether he likes it or not, will be considered a prophet. For now, he will have to settle for the title of “Conspiracy Theorist.” However, Icke is no longer alone in the desert. Thousands and thousands of people from all walks of life have come for this epic event: to remember who they are.

To me it seems, however, that these people already know it perfectly well. Still, this epic gathering serves as a great confirmation, and also to a certain extent as a consolation, to see that we are not by ourselves in this fight against Goliath. More so, one cannot help but reaffirm one’s true life purpose, as the gut-wrenching facts are presented in minute detail, hour after hour . . . We are indeed in a world of trouble, people caught in the crosshairs, and we must now act decisively. However, the evidence about what mankind is up against should not be feared. Instead, we should embrace the truth, whatever it is, and find inspiration in it. We must allow it to serve as a point of definition of who we are.   read on..

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