Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Spivey picks up where the pedo's trailed off... Who Messed up Messham...

Chris Spivey.

As heads continue to roll at the BBC (I’m sure George Entwistle won’t be too upset) and other places following the Newsnight fiasco, so does my anger increase. Instead of being outraged, at what can only be described as the most audacious and transparent retraction of an allegation, in history, the MSM continue to trip over themselves in an effort to cow down to the very smug, extremely odious McAlpine… You remember him? He’s the one who the MSM were prepared to risk everything on, by naming him on the say so of one man, Steve Messham.
Do me a favour. Do you really think that the BBC and other MSM outlets are that stupid? They know as well as the rest of us that McAlpine is a serial Child Abuser. More over, do you really believe that the likes of Sally Bercow named him on twitter because she had seen his name mentioned on the internet. Steve Messham was just the trigger.
The whole affair stinks and for the reprehensible Hariet Harmon to stand up and voice her opinion is beyond contempt. Quite why that woman is still in government is testament to the mass cover up taking place in parliament.
As for the smug man himself, the one who never wears aftershave and has only ever stepped foot in Wrexham once, he ought to be aware that this is not over. Information continues to pour in to me and others.                            Read On...

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