Thursday, November 8, 2012

Know Your 13 Moon Calendar

  1. What is a 13-Moon Calendar?
  2. Why Change Calendars? What's wrong with the calendar we have now?
  3. What is a Galactic Signature? How do I find mine?
  4. Can you explain what an antipode, analog, occult, and guide energy is?
  5. A friend of mine told me that you can kind of add two people's galactic signatures and get the galactic signature energy that they create together. How do you do this?
  6. I've heard of the Mayan prophecy of 2012. What's supposed to happen?
  7. Is this the Mayan Calendar?
  8. Could you suggest some ways to access the energy of the calendar on a day to day basis?
  9. Could you recommend a good book that gives more info about the meaning of each tribe?
  10. Is this is a Lunar calendar? Why don't each of the 13 Moons begin on the New Moon?
  11. What is the signficance of the number 13?
  12. Have other cultures followed the 13-Moon Calendar?
  13. Why DON'T we use a 13-Moon Calendar?
  14. Why is the new year July 26th?
  15. What is the Day out of Time?
  16. How does the 13-Moon Calendar compare to the 12-Month calendar?
  17. How are the Tzolkin calendar and the 13-Moon Calendar related?
  18. I've heard about 2 different counts - a "Dreamspell count" and a "Mayan long count." Please explain!
  19. Do the 28-day moons still have weeks?
  20. What about leap year?
  21. What are some personal benefits of following the 13-Moon calendar?
  22. What is Planet Art Network?
  23. Where do the animals listed for each of the 13 Moons come from?
  24. Did the Mayans practice human sacrifice?
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1. What is a 13-Moon Calendar?
A 13-Moon Calendar is the logical and natural way to count the 365-day year cycle. Instead of 12 months which are 28, 29, 30, or 31 days long, the year is instead measured into 13 months, each one an even 28 days. 13 moons of 28 days each gives 364 days - plus 1 "day out of time," a day of celebration and forgiveness, to acknowledge the passing year and welcome in the new year.

Unlike the 12-month calendar which corresponds to no natural cycles, the thirteen moon calendar is a "solar-lunar calendar"because 365 days is the measure of the Earth going around the Sun (solar) and 28 days is the average measure of the Moon's synodic and sidereal cycles (lunar).
Every year cycle begins not as January 1st, but instead with July 26th as Day 1 of Moon 1. The correlate dates are fixed - for example, "January 1st" will always correspond to "Rhythmic Moon 20" (the 20th day of the 6th moon).
Printed around the world by people of diverse cultures and faiths, this 13 Moon calendar is proposed as the harmonious alternative to the unnatural, irregular 12-month yearly calendar which serves as the current world standard of time.
The 13-Moon calendar is the modern dispensation of ancient and indigenous wisdom and science. These codes, numbers, and cycles were known by earth dwellers and cosmic seers of past ages, and now, by us as we reawaken this knowledge within our own living cells.


2. Why Change Calendars? What's wrong with the calendar we have now?

In Campaign For the New TimeDr. José Argüelles writes:
"To change the calendar is to change history itself...If we choose the 13 Moon Calendar, the species will operate by a 28-day cycle which is the female biological cycle. We will pace our daily lives by a perpetual calendar that will release the mind into the telepathic norms that are a property of the universal 13:20 timing frequency. We will find that this tool synchronizes the lunar and other world calendars according to a mathematical harmony previously unknown. And released into an entirely different state of consciousness we will soon realize technologies that are mental rather than material in nature. A new synchronic order of human life will unify the planet.
"Is a calendar something more than a tool for scheduling the payment of debts (calends) or is it an instrument of synchronization?The harmony or disharmony of time is a profound matter rooted in the instrument of time reckoning that we use. There can be little question that we live more in a time of chaos than of harmony. We may also say in regard to the effect of standards of measure on the mind, that the chaos of the time is embedded in the calendar we use. If we are to leave this time of chaos and enter a time of harmony, then we must change the instrument in which the chaos is embedded for an instrument that is the very model of harmony - the 13 Moon, 28 day count.
"The Gregorian calendar, the current global civil standard is indeed the foundation in time of globalization...Only a species whose time sensibility had been captured by instruments of artificial measure could have become so alienated as to have produced the monstrous conundrum known as the 'fast world,' a civilization where money and technological advance prevail over human sensibility and the natural order. It is to the correction of this destructive momentum that all efforts of calendar reform must now be directed."
The global dominance of our modern 12-month business calendar results from centuries of imperial conquest.
Last modified by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582, the "Gregorian Calendar" is the current world standard because of the forceful issuance of this system upon conquered (indigenous) peoples who lost their land as well as their religious freedoms. The Gregorian calendar presents an archaic depiction of Time. It is a product of its predecessors - Julius Caesar's calendar and the earlier "calends" (schedule of taxation) of the Roman Empire.
Guarding the power of a patriarchial priesthood and a neo-feudal financial system, this calendar programs us - through our adherence to its systematic disharmony - to perpetuate a lifestyle of "time is money."
Consumption over creativity, marketplace over morality, we are walking a path that is not leading us to a promising future. Now knowing we have been misled by a false understanding of time, it is our right and responsibility to explore and reclaim our true connection to Time.

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