Friday, March 9, 2012

Busted! Anderson Cooper and Danny caught fudging

CNN Attempts to Counter Scandal Over “Syria Danny” Propaganda

The Intel Hub
By Madison Ruppert
March 8, 2012

Anderson Cooper attempted, and miserably failed, to mitigate the damage from the discovery that one of the poster boys for foreign intervention in Syria was manufacturing complete propaganda for Western consumption.
The video below is the original video exposing “Danny” as a vicious propagandist actively working against the interests of the Syrian people.
This is just more exploitation of the good intentions of people around the world for nefarious ends.
These revelations further damage the credibility of the already highly untrustworthy Syrian rebels, much like the Libyan rebels delegitimized themselves.

Stay weary of the effort to push us into military intervention in Syria and question all sources of information and the “statistics” we are fed by the Western establishment media.
Keep in mind none of this is confirmed, the sources have a political interest in disseminating disinformation and so do those who report the claims made by so-called activists as gospel.
This article originally appeared on End the Lie

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