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Tokyo Soil: Blanketed With Fukushima Radiation – Would Be Considered “Radioactive Waste” In U.S.

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Nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen found all 5 random soil samples taken in Tokyo so radioactive that they would be considered radioactive waste in the United States.

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March 26, 2012

Tokyo Slammed with Radiation

We noted in August that some parts of Tokyo have more radiation than existed in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zones. And see this and this.
There are indications that radiation levels are increasing in Tokyo.
Nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen took 5 random soil samples in Tokyo recently, and found that all 5 were so radioactive that they would be considered radioactive waste in the United States, which would have to be specially disposed of at a facility in Texas:
While traveling in Japan several weeks ago, Fairewinds’ Arnie Gundersen took soil samples in Tokyo public parks, playgrounds, and rooftop gardens.
All the samples would be considered nuclear waste if found here in the US. This level of contamination is currently being discovered throughout Japan.
At the US NRC Regulatory Information Conference in Washington, DC March 13 to March 15, the NRC’s Chairman, Dr. Gregory Jaczko emphasized his concern that the NRC and the nuclear industry presently do not consider the costs of mass evacuations and radioactive contamination in their cost benefit analysis used to license nuclear power plants.
Furthermore, Fairewinds believes that evacuation costs near a US nuclear plant could easily exceed one trillion dollars and contaminated land would be uninhabitable for generations.
Indeed, shortly after the earthquake, U.S. government officials notes widespread contamination throughout northern Japan, including Tokyo, and said:
Entire region would be required to be posted as radiological area.
No wonder the potential evacuation of Tokyo has been quietly discussed by Japanese officials ever since the earthquake hit.

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