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David Icke. One of my favourite blokes!

The Biggest Event of the 2012 Great Awakening

David Icke will be speaking to a crowd of upwards of 10,000 people this October. Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of the biggest awakening event of 2012. Get tickets here.

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Twenty years ago David Icke was told that he would go on a world stage to reveal hidden truths to humanity.  At the time it seemed ludicrous to Icke that people would turn out to hear him speak about alternative history and the true nature of reality.  After all, he was a normal chap working as a television presenter and mainline political operative.

With a profound spiritual awakening guiding him to forbidden knowledge, he faced years of ridicule because he spoke of a reality vastly different from what we've been taught by society. In those early years he would speak to small groups with little indication that the world was ready to hear what he had to say. Yet, his research allowed him to make predictions that seemed improbable but have proven out over time. As such, his resilience and reputation for uncovering the truth has won over huge crowds including some of his early detractors.

His understanding and explanation of who really runs the world, the "5 sense conspiracy" as he calls it, is second to none.  He gets high praise from everyone who can easily confirm that he is indeed correct on the facts pertaining to this control structure.  Still, many find his cutting edge material about the unseen forces behind the control structure too bizarre to comprehend. It's easy to call foul when hearing a passing comment about reptilian or interdimensional entities, or vibrational or holographic reality. Yet, Icke speaks for nearly 12 hours at his events precisely because there is so much evidence and backstory to digest for these foreign concepts to come into focus.

At the end of his presentations, few will question Icke's sanity or how he came to these seemingly outrageous conclusions.  Most researchers would be content proving one or two complicated concepts over a lifetime. But each and every year David Icke adds a deeper and more interesting layer to this unseen reality which, again, if taken as single sound bites, seem thoroughly ridiculous.

For instance, his latest book The Lion Sleeps No More alleges that the Moon is artificial and purposely affects the vibrational (informational) field that we decode as reality.  Given what we all learned in school about the Moon, this is crazy talk.  However, upon examining the volumes of information referenced by Icke outlining the indisputable anomalies with the Moon, one would find much more logic in Icke's interpretation than any mainstream science theory.  As with many of his other revelations, in time this will become just another mainstream lie that Icke gets credit for exposing.

Besides the knowledge gained from his all-day presentations where he connects all of these seemingly random dots into a compelling story, audiences are utterly fascinated and entertained for twelve full hours.  Scarcely any other performer on earth, of any persuasion, can claim this same ability.  And everyone who attends his shows will not soon forget the profound experience of the event.  Even those who enter with closed minds walk away with an expanded awareness -- as David Icke is found of saying "You cannot unhear something" whether you want to believe it or not.

Now, Icke seeks to show the world the true level of the great awakening taking place by holding the biggest single event in history dedicated to expanding human awareness.  This October 27th, 2012, he will be presenting his most groundbreaking material yet at the famed Wembley Arena in London.  With seating capacity up to 10,000 people, it's expected to be nothing short of a rock concert atmosphere that will send a powerful message to the corrupt control system that their days are numbered because humanity is finally "Remembering Who They Are."

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