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Obama. Bull-shit-0-Rama

The 2009 film 'The Obama Deception' by Alex Jones shattered the myth of Barack Obama.

"Controversy is only dreaded by the advocates of error." - American founding father Benjamin Rush.

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy." - Martin Luther King, Jr.
The KONY 2012 phenomenon was a fire that consumed itself. The propagandistic film went viral because of its sensationalism and commercialism, not because it was telling the truth and making a worthy difference in the discourse of international politics and the situation in Uganda.

Invisible Children, the group behind the film, has been described as cult-like and clueless by many experts such as Stephen Lewis, a Canadian diplomat and UN envoy to Africa. 

We can learn three things from the globalist-run "KONY 2012" propaganda campaign that is now viewed as an epic disaster after its creator went berserk in public and smashed his fists on the pavement while naked. One, viral political films must be treated with deep skepticism and caution because their creators are not the final authority on truth and reality. Second, if discredited politicians, journalists, and organizations promote the film then it is likely that the political cause the film is pushing on viewers is not egalitarian and just. And three, the massive recognition and popularity of a political film is not an indication of its objectivity, sincerity, and authenticity.

Several other political films have went viral on the Internet in the past. The two biggest ones are Peter Joseph's Zeitgeist, and Alex Jones's The Obama Deception. Unlike the KONY 2012 film, those films were not funded by large foundations and did not promote militarization and state violence as solutions. 

The documentary, "The Obama Deception," released in March 2009, has been watched 30-40 million times in the last three years, whether on the Internet, or in DVD format. And that is a conservative estimate.

At the time, critics said that the film made wild and conspiratorial claims about Barack Obama's presidency, the United States government, and Wall Street. But those critics are silent now. In 2012, the film's controversial claims can be measured and fact-checked based on three years of hard data, evidence, and official statements by members of the Obama administration.  

II. From Controversy To Consent: The Rising Political Relevance of 'The Obama Deception' 

The ten biggest claims that were made in 'The Obama Deception,' according to my reading of the film, are listed below, followed by a brief explanation of why they are true, when necessary. 

1. President Obama is a puppet who is owned by the parasitic financial community.

This statement needs no explanation. It is self-evident.  

2. President Obama is dedicated to the overthrow of America's constitutional republic.

President Obama told Congress in May 2011 that America's bombing of Libya was authorized by the United Nations, and that Congress had no say in the matter. 

More recently, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta informed Senator Jeff Sessions and the Senate that the U.S. military answers to the international bankers behind the new world order, United Nations, and NATO, not the U.S. congress or the American people. 

3. President Obama is a proponent of the fraudulent endless war on terror because he wants to use the global chaos to finalize the covert establishment of a global fascist government. 

President Obama has continued, and, in many areas, advanced the Bush administration's illegal and undefined global war on terror. Although he has not consciously used the phrase "global war on terror," there is no doubt President Obama is fighting this senseless, diabolical, criminal, and evil war in America's name to accomplish hidden political aims that go against America's interests.

The mindless global war on terror is not being fought to defend America's security, but to drive the United States government to bankruptcy and collapse, and make way for the establishment of a new global fascist government. 

The Obama administration's foreign policy is radical, and criminal. It has funded and armed Al-Qaeda terrorists in Libya and Syria to change unfriendly regimes under the guise of supporting democracy activists against their oppressive governments. And it is also planning to bomb Iran alongside the discredited right-wing Netanyahu government in Israel despite not proving their case that Iran is a threat to Israel or America.

In his recent article called, "The 0% Doctrine: Obama Breaks New Ground When It Comes to War With Iran," Tom Engelhardt wrote:
"Whether he meant to or not, in his latest version of Iran war policy President Obama has built on the Bush precedent.  His represents, however, an even more extreme version, which should perhaps be labeled the 0% Doctrine.  In holding off an Israeli strike that may itself be nothing but a bluff, he has defined a future Iranian decision to build a nuclear weapon as a new form of aggression against the United States.  We would, as the president explained to Jeffrey Goldberg, be committing our military power against Iran not to prevent an attack on the U.S. itself, but a nuclear arms race in the Middle East."
4. President Obama is the new face of imperialism in Africa, and militarizing the continent under the political cover of humanitarianism. 

President Obama, who sold himself as a son of Africa, has used his power as the face of the world's most powerful country to help his financial masters to further loot, rape, divide, and destroy African countries. On March 10, 2012,Tony Cartalucci wrote:
"Today, US Africa Command, known as AFRICOM, is spreading across Africa in the footsteps of Cecil Rhodes. As reported by, Vice Admiral Moeller at an AFRICOM meeting held at Fort McNair on February 18, 2008 would declare that protecting "the free flow of natural resources from Africa to the global market" was one of AFRICOM's guiding principles. Of course by "global market," the admiral means the Fortune 500 corporations of Wall Street and London.

In our politically sensitive modern age, pillaging Africa in the footsteps of shameless and quite racist imperialists is very difficult to do. Therefore, Joseph Kony, Al Qaeda, Qaddafi, starving children, pirates, and every other geopolitical ploy and contrivance imaginable, and some left yet unimagined have been used to justify AFRICOM's expanding presence on a continent they have no business setting foot on."
Obama's African agenda is far from humanitarian. The aim of the Obama administration, AFRICOM, and the Globalist Empire is to destroy and steal from Africa, not assist economic growth and generate prosperity. America is acting as the 21st century version of Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan, who conquered in order to destroy and kill. 

5. President Obama is motivated to help Israel attack Iran and start World War III.

President Obama's opposition to an attack on Iran is done for public consumption. His real, on-the-ground policies are leading to an eventual clash between the United States and Israel against Iran. Such an attack would trigger a wider war in the volatile region, accelerate the collapse of the global economy, and draw the world closer to the fires of Hell.  

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