Thursday, December 20, 2012

Examination of the Attack on Columbine

Evan Long's "The Columbine Cause" is a feature-length video presentation based on public domain government records related to the official "investigation" of the Columbine High School shootings of April 20, 1999.

It includes quotations from suspect interrogations and witness interviews as recorded in little before publicized police files, 911 recordings and other rare items.

The documents reveal that many corroborating reports from Columbine High School students, faculty and others directly conflicted with the conclusions presented in the Sheriff's Office Final Report concerning the attack timeline, the weapons used and more:

"[Columbine High School cafeteria witness Brandi Wiseman] said that they could hear the gunmen reloading their shotguns and other guns in front of the door and then begin shooting at what she thought were the appliances in the kitchen. [...] She said that she had her watch on and that this occurred at approximately 1230 hours."

"[Columbine High School student Kristen Schoenhoff's] two best friends were out in the senior parking lot retrieving something from one of the girls' cars. They saw two gunmen, both of which were neither Dylan or Eric. [One of them ...] later identified one of [the gunmen] in the yearbook [...]. She looked in the back in the [Trench Coat] Mafia Dedication and found him in the picture."

"[Columbine High School] class of 2001 and one-time [Trench Coat Mafia] member Alex Marsh said she left the group in about December of '98 because of their propensity for violence. Specifically, Marsh told classmates that she knew of the attack having been planned since at least that time, and was overheard stating that if she hadn't left the group, she probably would have been in on it with them."

Were these discrepancies merely the result of chaos and confusion or did the witnesses experience something very different than the authorities presented as their findings? With "The Columbine Cause", you can listen to some of those who were at the scene and inform yourself more fully about what happened before, during and after this most infamous of school shootings.

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