Sunday, December 23, 2012

This Is How You Organise Morons To Do "Evil"

Need help planning your own Sandy Hook, Dunblane or Port Arthur style massacre... call Behaviour Modifications Operations... call now... 666 666 666 BMO (Behavior Modification Operations) is a unique international corporate advisory compa...ny ready to fulfill your specific behavior modification requirements in support of organizational objectives in unstable areas and nations of the world. BMO is staffed by psychological warfare and military operations professionals who specializes in developing regions of Africa, the Middle East, Asia and South America.

By means of specially designed crises communications programs, BMO personnel are thoroughly trained to facilitate local acceptance of your organization's objectives at all levels of a given society, from leaders of developing nations to hostile local groups and communities. Simply put, we will ensure your operations are sympathetically supported by both antagonistic and indifferent local populations groups.

In our research and implementation programs, BMO will place at your organization's disposal only the most sophisticated, historically proven techniques developed and practiced by government agencies, armed forces and many diverse political/national movements. BMO operations combine historical precedence and trends with the strength of sciences such as cultural anthropology, social psychology, sociology, linguistics and mass communication including targeted public relation campaign communications to achieve your objectives.

BMO will work with your organization to provide effective influence over a given local population's opinions, emotions and attitudes with the purpose of changing the conduct of human environment in the area of your operation, to fulfil your specific objectives.

The truly unique and distinguishing feature of BMO services is our capability to implement behavioral change programs in the midst of situations such as low intensity conflict, tribal or ethnic warfare and collisions, social disturbances, riots and upheavals, insurgency and counterinsurgency contexts.

The types of communication media, the range of facilities as well as appeals employed and exposure duration (project length) will be tailored to your organization's budgetary considerations, target audiences with costs varying from print or electronic, word or mouth/indigenous forms of communication, or their combination, in order to achieve the desired goals.

Projects undertaken by BMO are always proceeded by thorough, highly detailed research and intelligence analysis collection phases to ensure well-calculated and professional implementation. This effort utilizes the ability of BMO psychological operations specialists to establish rapport with both hostile and friendly populations in country to gain access to the specific data on the area of interest to determine the effectiveness of the proposed operations.

If your organization has established communications goals it would like to achieve in a foreign area, BMO will work with your in-house staff to assist implementing or reinvigorating current programs to ensure their continuity utilizing BMO's unique operational methods.

At all times BMO activity will comply with local and international laws, regulations and customs. The ethical conduct of BMO specialists will never place your organization's reputation at risk in either home country or abroad, whereas an impeccable implementation of your foreign operations will help achieve increased international shareholder and investor confidence.

BMO is always willing to accommodate the corporate culture of a client. We offer maximum convenience in providing our staff to work on your project. Our integration modes:

1) Straight consultancy contract for crises communications services,


2) Secondment of our specialist to any of your departmental extensions overseas (be it PR, HR, Legal, etc.) so that the secondee will be veiled (hidden) in your organizational chart and will provide management information strictly to the designated executive for his/her discretionary use.


Achieve your worldwide objectives with BMO behavior transformation!

Inquiries may be sent to the Director of Behavior Modification Operations.

BMO is affiliated with Military Information Services Inc.

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