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SPIVEY~ Give us some Truth You Absolute Arseholes Re> Suicided Nurse

Gimme Some Truth

Posted by admin On December - 21 - 2012
Christopher Spivey

Im sick and tired of hearing
From uptight-short sighted-
Narrow minded hypocritics
All I want is the truth
Just give me some truth
Ive had enough of reading
By nuerotic-pyschotic-
Pig headed politicians
All I want is the truth
Just give me some truth
No short haired-yellow bellied
Son of tricky dicky
Is gonna mother hubbard
Soft soap me
With just a pocketful of hope
Money for dope
Money for rope
Im sick to death of seeing
From tight lipped-
Condescending -mommies little
All I want is the truth
Just give me some truth
Ive had enough of watching
Of schizophrenic – ego – centric
- paranoic – prima – donnas
All I want is the truth
Just give me some truth. – ‘John Lennon, Give Me Some Truth’.
The problem that I have with this Jacintha Saldanha story is that I simply do not believe it… Its bollocks… There is not one single aspect to this story that is anywhere near remotely credible and I am absolutely sickened not to mention disturbed, that the vast majority of the frightened, spineless, mind controlled clones who inhabit this once fine country have embraced the details without the slightest hint of dissent.
Certainly, it is fair to say that with the MSM’s poor standard of reporting on the facts surrounding Jacintha’s ‘suicide’, of which even then they were forever changing their minds, has made this one of the most difficult and complicated articles that I have ever had to write.
Now, before I continue, I should make it clear that while I have no particular desire to offend Jacintha’s family – if indeed, they are a real family – it still has to be said, that they have knowingly or otherwise, been unforgivably exploited in order to further a hidden agenda.
For example, just because Cameron is portraying the dead Nurse as being almost saintly, does not mean to say she was. Fuck me, Cameron’s morals are that polluted that the twat wouldn’t know a saint if one slapped him round the face and shouted “Hey dozy bollocks, I’m a Saint”.
However, with our puppet PM and the MSM dictating how the nation should feel about the suicide – and just about everything else for that matter – people are becoming far too scared to speak out. After all, gods forbid anybody dare be capable of thinking for their selves these days… Fortunately, I’m not scared, I can think for myself and I will speak out. Everything stinks about this story and I’m not buying into it.
I have very closely listened to on a lot more than one occasion, the so called “cruel hoax”, formally known as a practical joke, or wind up and if Jacintha (if that is her real name), felt humiliated by the tiny part she played , then fuck me, she is better off out of this cruel world.
And, as I have just intimated, I don’t believe in the family either. I do know what someone who is devastated and spent hours crying looks like and according to family spokes person, the MP Keith Vaz , the family are devastated. If they are, they certainly haven’t been doing much crying.
Moreover, I’m still not clear as to why Vaz – being the MP for Leicester East – is the spokes person for a Family from Bristol. Does Leicester East not have any suicides this week?
And, while we are on the subject of Vaz, does anyone else but me think that it’s slightly cringe worthy, not to mention creepy, how he keeps hugging the family in tight embraces, despite the apparent lack of tears?
He is particularly fond of doing it to Jacintha’s 14 yr old adopted daughter Lisha, by continually pulling her towards him. Shouldn’t that be her Fathers job?
Then again, obviously not since I haven’t seen him do it once – as you would expect him to have done, since we are continually told by the MSM what a close knit family they are.
However, I have to say that judging from what I have seen, their whole dynamics of a loving family are wrong. They appear more like strangers than a closely knit grieving family. But, once again, perhaps that is just me.
Never the less, if you think about it, why does the family need a spokesperson at all – let alone an opportunist MP. Do our caring; self-giving, compassionate MP’s do this for all families left behind by those who have topped themselves? If they do, then they have been very busy since on average over 700,000 people commit suicide in the UK every year. Here are some suicide statistics:
  • 1 million people across the globe die by suicide each year. That’s one suicide every 40 seconds.
  • More people die by suicide each year than by murder and war combined.
  • It’s estimated that approximately 5% of people attempt suicide at least once in their life.
  • Between 10% and 14% of the general population have suicidal thinking throughout their lifetime.
  • Suicide is the second biggest cause of death worldwide among 15-19 year olds.
  • 100,000 adolescents die by suicide every year.
  • Suicide is estimated to be under-reported (Not in this fucking story, it’s not – Spivey) for reasons of stigma, religion, and social attitudes. Many suicides are hidden among other causes of death, such as road traffic accidents and drowning.
  • Until 2009 suicide was on the decline in the UK.
  • On average, male unemployment saw suicides rise by 25.6% with over a 1000 cases linked directly to unemployment in 2008-9
(Source: International Association for Suicide Prevention & the Guardian Newspaper.)
I have to say that, it was always my understanding that Suicide was a selfish cowardly act. Course that would explain why Cameron – who next to Gideon Osborne is the smarmiest man I know – felt the need to chuck in his two penny’s worth. After all, a selfish cowardly attitude is exactly the kind of attitude that the scum-bag wants us all to have.
It is however, strange that the MSM have been so supportive of Jacintha since earlier on in the year the Daily Mail described people who commit suicide as generally being: motivated by their own selfish considerations.
So what is it all about?

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  1. Bravo and Hear! Hear!
    Everything you say is so true.
    It appalled me that:
    *the entire world was instantly baying for the radio people to be severely punished.
    *the press filled the street outside the hospital INSTANTLY the Cambridges were there
    * it was published that Nurse Saldanha had not mentioned the incident to Mr Barboza, or to her family in India, and that they all said they had NO IDEA. How come? The thing was HUGE in every headline and inescapable.
    * I cannot believe that the identity of Upstairs Nurse#2 was able to be suppressed right from the start. ?? Not even the DMail paid some other nurse to tell all?
    *also appalled that grasping family want legal aid for a non-adversarial Inquest when the hospital has a Nurse JC Fund with a donate button on their website, and the radio station gave the family thousands.
    * the many ways Barboza or Vaz or the India family have claimed she was the sunshine of their lives, is very weird considering that every photo of them is The GLUMs.
    It is all very strange, as I have said at my place where you are welcome to visit.