Saturday, December 22, 2012

Snap Out Of It!!!

by Zen Gardner
I’m sick of hearing this nauseating, pointless moaning and sloppy emotional crap about the latest slaughter in Connecticut. I’m even seeing it in segments of this so-called alternative movement. “Let’s reflect on the terrible problem of growing violence in our country during this season” and blah blah blah.
How the hell do you think it got that way, to the extent that it’s even really true?
It’s staged! It’s engineered! It’s imposed on us! By the very ones accusing us of being violent and needing to be heavily policed and monitored and now disarmed and who knows what else!
Don’t you get it?
Never mind the absolutely outrageous hypocrisy, as they murder innocent children around the world in massive numbers. Where are the tears for them, you lying murderous hypocrites? Absolutely disgusting!

Righteous Anger Clears the Head and Heart

This may seem obvious to some, but I don’t think it’s nearly clear enough to most. The only reaction that counts at a time like this is righteous anger and indignation!
How much longer will these covert agencies be allowed to waltz in and stage terrorist events and blame it on some patsy and imply it’s some “social problem” that needs “meaningful action”? They cordon off the crimes scenes for days while the story gets put in place. Then they blatantly lie in our faces about this lone gunman bullshit while quashing all testimony to the contrary, even threatening action against those who say anything contrary! People should be screaming!
And then they run absolute DRIVEL in the media counseling us how to react, preying on weeping and distraught parents and loved ones while the predatory press rams their agenda down everyone’s gaping throats.
“Lean forward”, says Obama and CNBC. What so you can ram it up our butts?
9/11 anyone? Waco, OK City? Norway shooter? Columbine, Ft. Hood, Batman and Sikh temple shootings? So you bastards weren’t getting the desired full effects yet since so many saw how staged the first ones were?…or maybe some foreign agency wanted to join in the sick action and really screw with things?
Hence the monstrous Newtown massacre of innocent children. Just like them. And it’s working like a charm.
And this LIE needs to get blown wide open to high heaven so everyone can see the Truth!

After All, We’re To Blame

Reminds me of the man-made global warming bullshit. While humanity hasn’t been good to the planet–mainly led by the hellish war machine and rapacious industrialists–the main thing that’s man-made that’s by far the most significant about global warming is the fucking chemtrail program and other technologies being carried out by them, leading to fully manipulated weather and a totally screwed up collapsing atmosphere, accelerating the depletion of the ozone layer with the concurrent release of methane in our oceans, something barely anyone is talking about.
With the solar maximum hitting us at the same time, we’re on track for a man-exacerbated global disaster if these programs aren’t shut down. (Learn more here.)
But no, we’re the bad children.
“Stop breathing CO2 and put down your toy guns. And shut up. You are so, so bad. I know, we got you into this hunger for and acceptance for gratuitous violence with our war programming, violent media, splatter genre video gaming and putting you on psychotropic drugs while dumbing you down with fake education and hypnotic television programming, but who’s looking? Besides, who ya gonna tell? We own the media. Now shut up and take your meds and feel sorry, so very very sorry for these poor children, and think how bad people are becoming. We really do need to do something about this, don’t we?”
Fuck ‘em. Now you see why we need to wake the hell up? Beware the stupor. Their shitstorm is in full force and people are getting infected by it.

Creeping Paralysis and Self Censorship

I know a lot of people get this so I’m not talking to you. I’m talking to those who don’t see the creeping paralysis that can get you before you realize what hit you. And this incident and the heavy duty lying propaganda that is permeating every level of society is a perfect example.
That cop gets up and threatens people saying anything contrary on social media with Federal and State action is intolerable! Completely over the top! Yet the reaction? NSA-Google immediately shuts someone down who barely said a thing contrary. Fear, anyone? Don’t let it get you. Stand strong. (Of course not a word about all the brand new facebook accounts opened at the time of the shooting who were immediately screaming for gun control. Nothing fishy there..)
These are all psy-op techniques to get the population on the defensive, pliable and under stricter control. Their agenda for decades, centuries and millennia. Only today they have technologies never heard of before. Any they’re feeling their oats.
Even more disturbing is the self-censorship coming on. Sports stores and other outlets are stopping sales of certain weapons without there even being a ban on them…yet. Can you imagine? Unfortunately, yes. The media is taking gun scenes and shows off the air…selected of course to help send Big Brother’s message.
I mean this is one hell of a bad symptom.
Know why? It’s fear of the State. Retribution. It’s been there all along, but now they don’t even need to pass their contrived and manipulated targeted legislation. Of course it’s usually the Big Corp stores who are complicit in all this that lead the way, but just watch the dominoes fall.
But just bark, and they’ll sit, or roll over.
Better yet, just “lean forward”.
Welcome to Gulag America. Enjoy the holidays as the State dictates your mood and what you’ll be allowed to even feel. Yes, it’s that bad.

Screw ‘em. We Are Free and Clear

This type of reaction can pass in intensity but the mindset is important. It’s good for the soul to see this absolute lying bullshit for what it really is and what it’s doing and meant to do. It’s like this goo they throw at you and you have to keep peeling the stinky crap off before the smell puts you to sleep. It’s nasty.
Hope this helped clear the air a bit for someone besides me. But this is the tack we need to take in answering these events in order to expose them.
Concentrate on what matters most, staying free and clear. Just that sometimes righteous indignation blows the mind fog and sentimental crap out of the tubes. All part of staying clear. Just see all this for what it is.
Stay in love and enjoy the wonderful vibes hitting us now, in spite of all they’re doing to screw it up.
They can’t stop the shift.
Love, Zen
P.S. For a great piece that just nails this recent incident, read Does Any Government Dare Do This?.

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