Sunday, December 30, 2012

Transform Emotion into States of Mind

Raiders of The Lost Heart

We live in the final hour of the Matrix.
No doubt that it knows this and it’s trying to hurt as many as possible in its death struggle. The collective abuse scale is so blatant it basically targets all, from infants to the elderly.
Which would leave us pretty vulnerable. And it does. But there’s a way of fighting this “sitting duck“ syndrome and returning it to the core of The Matrix itself.
In order to transcend this vulnerability, it might be an idea to look at our own designs in that department, our own patterns so to speak, and give them a tune-up.
I strongly believe that we cannot beat the external matrix without beating the internal matrixes we all have. If you think you have none, you don’t need to read any further: You are flawless.
Since I, in the last postings, have touched upon Transcending the Love Conditioning in The Matrix, I would like to stay in that flow. So let’s talk about love since we all agree that love is what will bring The Matrix down.
But my point being: If we stick to the old matrix conception of “love”, it will take us nowhere:
- The guard your heart issues:
Why would anyone want to guard their heart and hand this protected heart over to anyone? It doesn’t make any sense, but rather only in The Matrix divide and conquer scheme of things.
- The transcending the divorce conditioning issue:
Why would anyone fear a breakup? It’s like fearing death and not living your life fully.
We are here: Here and Now, and as awakening kicks in, the thought of living a raw and genuine life everyday becomes evermore vital and the only road worth traveling. So maybe your lover divorced you and is doing fine. It´s the “doing fine” that bugs you, think? Take ownership, he / she is not you.
- The outpost of fear in love is: Vulnerability.
That goes for “love everybody and everything”, without that being a stinky new age cliché, or romantic love: engaging and disengaging it. I actually know folks who won’t engage in love because they conceive themselves to be: Too vulnerable. Sad.
The most vulnerable position we can put ourselves in is: romantic love. We have to go in honest, open and lay our complete trust at the mercy of our partner, or it seems that way. It is the most naked situation we ever will find our true self in, if it’s in the raw, a force of nature and not the misconceptions of love that the guarded heart matrix will give us.
“But I had so many downfalls in love – I can’t trust anyone”.
- You don’t have to trust anyone, you have to trust yourself and go consciously vulnerable.
There’s a difference here that is very much worth taking in, both as goes for The Matrix and for your personal life. It is a state of mind and not emotions. But the state of mind is in fact an emotion. To be in a state of mind the emotion has to be stretched out in time and it has to be connected to the mind.
Let me explain that:
We know all about the feeling of being sad. It’s an emotion. It comes and goes. That’s why mystics can say: Emotions are illusions.
Because they come and go.
I agree, but states of minds stay. That’s why we call them States. So if we take the feeling of being sad and stretch that: It can evolve into a depression. It’s fair to call a genuine depression a state of mind since it statically takes 2.5 years to alter without drugs.
It also goes for vulnerability.
It’s an emotion and for some a state of mind. That’s where the “sitting duck” kicks in. Whether it’s The Matrix or a potential lover. You become vulnerable because you bought in on the belief system that you should guard your heart.
Don’t. Open it. And tap into the field of being: Consciously vulnerable. Yes : Awake.
Life has many hidden layers that will only reveal themselves to the open hearted.
You are the only one responsible for your emotions. If you think that The Matrix or another person can hurt them, you are bloody mistaken because: Not a single soul on this planet can provide you with any emotion. They cannot give them to you and they cannot take them away from you.
The “only” thing The Matrix and a lover can do is they can raise emotions in you that you already have.
That’s one of the reasons why psychopaths can’t be treated by therapy. You cannot raise a single emotion in them, you cannot give them empathy, and since they don’t have it: abandon project. It serves no purpose. It´s a no-go.
And that’s why you can’t engage The Matrix and tell it to behave. They are on another planet. The cold shit one. That could be one argument for understanding why The Matrix stirs up so much vulnerability Kung Fu in the Heart People of this planet. You cannot address the nasty entity on a heart level, but you sure can threaten it by your mere existence.
I see, as more and more Heart People are coming out of their life in the bush, and really getting that. They become so empowered. So very empowered. But not by pussyfooting around their protectiveness of their own heart, which they found to be a matrix construct, but by becoming:
Consciously vulnerable. Raiders of the lost heart.
You go into a relationship in a consciously vulnerable state of mind and you partner does too: Whoa, two vigilant loving souls merging.
And please: Your about to divorce The Matrix, aren’t you? So stop grieving about break ups, divorces, it’s you own mirror you’re looking in, not the other person’s psychology. Stop the blame game and grow up and acknowledge: It’s all your emotions you’re complaining about, and complaints are like prayers, be careful what you wish for in that department.
You take that Kung Fu to the Institutions of The Matrix well knowing that you are vulnerable. No you are not! That`s The Matrix emotional mechanics, not yours anymore.
When you spot them: you got them.
Take responsibility for your emotions, transform them into: States of Mind and you are untouchable. As long as we don’t realize that, we will reduce ourselves to emotional lab rats, whether it’s in our private lives or in the designs of The Matrix.
Why do we think they are so strongly enforcing emotion-altering drugs on such a massive scale? Get the picture? No one transforms anything doped up on Matrix induced “keep your cool drugs”.
Be vulnerable, but know that you are. That is the empowerment in this field.

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